About Comedy-Voice-Over.com ...

Experienced voice artist and comedy writer/performer Adam J is the person looking after you over here - just so you know who to blame...

Adam loves nothing more than providing daft characterisations and sublime scripting for our clients' projects. He achieves this by hibernating in our sound booth, applying a variety of voice styles, and digesting a packet of throat lozenges.

When his own voice box has been burnt out from over-use of our recording studio - or you just fancy something different - Adam will find suitable alternatives from our pool of freelance professional Voice Talents.

We're continually amazed by clients who sign up for his comedy production skills, dance away with a contented smile, and then come back for more. What's wrong with these people!

If you would like to make use of Adam's skills, we'd like to make them available to you. Just take a deep breath, hope that the Internet still exists, and click here.

How can we help fulfill your voice over needs?
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