Funny Voice Mail Message Service!

"Unique tailor-made comedy voice mail messages
created for individuals and companies world-wide"comedy voice mail

There are 1000s of voice mail messages you can pay for and download, but....

...how many are really any good - or just plain unfunny?
...how many are created just for you?

You want more than just a bog-standard voicemail message for your phone - and that's why we created this special comedy voice mail service for you...

How does it work?

  • Choose a celebrity or character voice
  • Think of the funny message you'd like created
  • We'll produce it for you in our studio at a very affordable price

It's as easy as that!

You'll get a unique and personalized message provided to you as an mp3 for download, ready to use on your mobile or landline phone.

Each of our funny voices - whether it's a celebrity impersonation or a comedy character voice - is recorded by a professional voice artist, and your message is created or adapted to suit the voice by a comedy writer. It's a quality service from start to finish.

Plus, funny voice messages and comedy ring tones also make great gifts for people's birthdays and other special occasions (our other 'VIP Celebrrity Message' service can be found here) so they're a great way to deliver a unique present for someone special...

Make an initial enquiry with your ideas or questions right now...

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